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How do you win the ‘Best Present of the Year Award’? Easy, buy someone a Game Chest from Big Potato.

Each handcrafted wooden chest is filled with all ten of our games, a fluffy potato and a handwritten note. Once they prize off the lid they’ll discover a cornucopia of our games — quiz games, charade games, abstract games, bluffing games, drawing games, storytelling games and word games. You can even add your own message to the lid to make your chest totally unique.

If you know someone who loves games and you’re looking to buy them something really special this year, the Games Chest will be a difficult gift to top.

Games included:

  • Obama Llama
  • The Chameleon
  • OK Play
  • Scrawl
  • Colourbrain
  • First Dates: The Game
  • Rainbow Rage
  • Bucket of Doom
  • Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout
  • Qwordie

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