Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes
Ransom Notes

Ransom Notes


Learn to play in one minute: No complicated instructions!

Endlessly replayable: Create hilarious new responses every time

Perfect for teens or adults: As clean or inappropriate as the people playing!

Highest quality components: Comes with 840 premium word magnets and metal trays.




AGE 17+

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- How to play Ransom Notes -

How to play
Ransom Notes

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see why 200,000+ people love ransom notes! 


Hilariously unique every round

With 250 absurd prompt cards and new word magnets each turn, Ransom Notes is tears-streaming-down-your-face funny every time you play.

"I've never laughed so dang hard at a game as I did playing this. Tears rolling down my face! It's a must have at any gathering."
—Neph M


Play with
any group

Rated 15+, but make your responses as clean or dirty as you like — it all depends on who you play with!

"This game has MADE our game night experience! The kids loved it, the adults loved it, my neighbors loved it...definitely a new favorite!"
—Leah B


A creative twist on party games

Players are constantly engaged in creative, out-of-the-box thinking that makes even the shyest players immediately funny.

"This game brings everyone out of their shell. We will be bringing this game to every game night!"
—Tana J

- Watch Ransom Notes in Action! -

Watch Ransom Notes in Action!

What's in the box?

- What's in the box? -


Ransom Notes isn't your typical party game! Each box includes:

840 Premium Word Magnets
250 Hilarious Prompt Cards
6 Metal Player Trays
Cloth Storage Bag• Instructions


- FAQ -

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