Obama LLama Preview

Not yet played by Presidents.
Heavily endorsed by llamas.

Big Potato presents Obama Llama, the rhyming charade game with the odd sounding name. Face off against your friends as you try to find the rhyme in time, whether it be Snoop Dog on the bog, Tom Cruise wearing platform shoes or (of course) Barack Obama riding a llama.

Obama Llama is currently available at Firebox and will be riding into all John Lewis stores this October.

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Mr. Lister Box

Hey quiz slingers!

If you love ya quizzes and like yer lists, then welcome to our quick fire party game. It's like an old-style Western shootout but with brains for guns.

Mr Lister is now available for purchase from all John Lewis stores, as well as Amazon and Firebox

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Qwordie Game Box

What happens when you blend a quiz game with a word game?

Once upon a time a cheeky little quiz from accross the tracks met a beautiful word game from the posh house on the hill. Nine months later... out popped Qwordie.

This unique blend of a quiz game and a word game can be caught at all John Lewis stores, as well as Amazon and Firebox

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Bucket Of Doom Bucket
Dragon Ball Z Cosplayer Displaying Bucket Of Doom Another Cosplayer Displaying Bucket Of Doom

The death dodging party game.

Bucket of Doom was funded on Kickstarter. This death-defying party game gets you to escape from tons of seriously bad situations with the help of hundreds of seriously useless objects.

Launched in the UK and USA simultaneously, Bucket of Doom is a naughty new game in a similar vein to Cards Against Humanity.

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Linkee Game Box
Dinkee Game Box for Kids Guys with Linkee stickers on their forheads

Four Little Questions. One big success.

Linkee is the first product off the Big Potato conveyor belt. What started life as a little quiz game in the bottom of the drawer became our biggest success to date. The game is now on sale in the UK, USA, Canada and Denmark, with eight more countries to follow in 2015; the Linkee app is also available worldwide.

Coming in 2015: a kids' version called 'Dinkee - Linkee for kids', quiz books and some exciting partnerships.

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Umm... App Preview

App Attack!

Linkee went digital last year with the launch of our mobile app on both Android and iOS. It's very simple and has gone down very well, with over 70,000 downloads to date and a new multi-player upgrade planned for a winter launch.

Sketch themed puzzle app 'Umm' will be making everyone’s daily commute more entertaining this summer.

Big Potato Office

Old and new potatoes

The original members of Big Potato are Tris, Ben and Dean. They all met in a London ad agency and jumped ship when their first game, Linkee, started to bring home the bacon.

They have since recruited new potatoes to help them plough new furrows in 2015.

The Big Potato Factory is in Shoreditch, London. Drop by if you fancy a box of McCain's Microwave Chips and a cup of tea. Don't drop by if you want to use the men's toilets, they're shocking.

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