You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm
You Can't Say Umm

You Can't Say Umm

A flip it and stick it party game.
 4.4 (708)

• A hilarious family party game a bit like Articulate, but with weirder words to describe and even more frantic. Wobbly Sausage! Soapy Cactus!

 • Every time you slip up, the other team rings a bell, making it even harder to get back on track!

 • Add hilarious extra rules like ‘change seats with every right answer’ and ‘describe everything in a high-pitched voice’ to stitch up your opponents.

• It’s the perfect party game for big groups, whether with friends or family. Anyone can play - and you’ll all be crying with laughter before the first round is up!


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FREE 2-3 day shipping over £30
Easy returns - B-corp certified



AGE 10+

As seen in
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- How to play You Can't Say Umm -

How to play
chicken vs hotdog

Screenshot 2024-06-04 at 11.12.34.png__PID:96054317-4fdd-44fd-845d-5036e0b07a38
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see why so many people love You Can't Say Umm! 

YSCU Screenshot (1).png__PID:6ccd77c6-b659-485e-a94d-a3c8883b6eb2

Endless laughter

A hilarious party game that’s going to make you cry with laughter.

“I nearly wet myself! Have not laughed so much in a very long time!” - Susie W.

Screenshot 2024-05-28 at 17.49.19.png__PID:6ed4b872-a97c-46e3-b402-fe08a3220d7b

Play with
any group

With simple rules and an even easier set-up, this game will be a hit with your family and friends!

“If you're on the hunt for a party game that promises non-stop entertainment and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this is it.” - Ramma C.

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Endless word combinations will have you playing this game over and over again, without it getting repetitive.

“An absolute blast! Highly recommended for hours of fun and friendly competition!” - Hailey S.

- Watch You Can't Say Umm in Action! -

Watch chicken vs hotdog in Action!

What's in the box?

- What's in the box? -

You Can't Say Umm_BOX WITH CONTENTS.jpg__PID:5a626ed4-b872-497c-86e3-3402fe08a322

You Can’t Say Umm isn't your typical party game! Each box includes:

• 150 cards
• 2 playing pieces
• 1 board
• 1 bell
• 1 rules


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