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Our top board games

The best board games are super-simple, quick to play and don’t leave any of the players feeling left out or bored. Whenever we design a new game, we always stick to those three golden rules — because we’d never make a board game we wouldn’t want to play ourselves.

The Potato Way

Before we started, the most popular board games in our homes were ones that kept everyone around the table entertained, no matter who they were. So, when we started making our own, we weren’t just making games for board gamers. We were making them for everyone.

Whether you’re playing with friends, family or total strangers, we’re sure you’ll find the best board game for you somewhere in this list. If not, please get in touch and we’ll make some new ones right away.

Super-simple games. Super-speedy delivery

Desperate for a new board game and not sure how long you can wait? Well, don’t worry, because whenever you spend £30 or more on our board games, we’ll deliver them within 48 hours — for free!

On orders less than £30, it’s only £1.99 extra for two day delivery. So, no matter what you’re ordering, you can sleep easy knowing a parcel-load of great board games are speeding their way to you as fast as they can.

Found what you’re looking for?

Whether you want a game you can take with you on holiday or you’re planning a party night with friends, we have plenty more games to choose from.

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