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Herd Mentality Booster Pack game box

Super Massive Plushie Potato


Only 100 for sale. They’re big, and they’re very cuddly.

Hand holding Herd Mentality Booster Pack
Hand holding Herd Mentality Booster Pack

Price: £40


We’ve only grown 100 of these big beauties so grab yours with both hands today!

Good news, delivery is free. Bad news, your postman is going to need a big trolley.

Bigger than a prize-winning pumpkin, these super-cuddly potatoes are the ultimate soft toy for anyone who is into the king of vegetables – potatoes!

What’s in the box?
1 Giant Plushie

Bonus features
+ Free 48hr delivery on orders over £30
+ Free replacement parts
+ Weekly games prizedraw*

* When you join the Big Potato Club (also free)
Hand holding Herd Mentality Booster Pack
Back of Herd Mentality Booster Pack

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