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Become a Big Potato brand ambassador!

by Karina Talavera 18 May 2021


Are you a board games fan and want to help us spread the word about Big Potato? 

Well you could shout it from the rooftops, or you could be one of our fan-bassadors! We dish out weekly missions where you can post online about your game nights, review our games and more- all in exchange for freebies, gift cards and other rewards.

If you want to join in on the fun, you can apply to be a fan-bassador yourself, by hitting the button below.

Want to know a bit more about what kind of missions and rewards there will be? Here’s some that we’ve done in the past.

Mission: Time to Muddle it up! Learn how to play and post an Instagram picture sharing your thoughts on The Muddles. We’ll send you a copy of the game beforehand.
Reward: A free copy of The Muddles.

Mission: Have £10 off any game on our site, make an instagram story of you unboxing your delivery.
Reward: £10 Big Potato Gift card.

Mission: Tweet about your favourite Big Potato game and why you love it.
Reward: A potato plushie.

Mission: Make a TikTok explaining how to play a Big Potato game.
Reward: A game of your choice worth £20 or below.

As per ASA guidelines we require every post by our ambassadors to include #ad for transparency. Posting on social media in exchange for free gift or a gift card is still an advert and must be labeled correctly.

Our missions give a rough guideline on the kind of stuff we’d like to see, but creative control is completely in your hands! We love all of the fun and creative stuff our ambassadors come up with and wouldn’t have it any other way.

If being a Big Potato brand ambassador sounds like your cup of tea, apply here.

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