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The Best 2 Player Board Games for Your Cosy Date Night

by Team Tato 29 Nov 2022

Looking for something a little different this date night? Ditch the overpriced wine and spend some quality time together at home (besides, what's more romantic than a shared victory?!).
We’ve compiled a list of 11 great games for you and that special someone to bond over this date night!


@bigpotatogames These are the best two player board games! What’s your favourite two player game? #twoplayergames #2playergames #boardgames #twoplayerboardgame #games #gametok #gamenight #easygames #twoplayers ♬ original sound - Big Potato


What Next?  - £39.99 

What Next, the Two player Board game with three adventures

Sweep your lover off to far away fantastical lands in this Choose Your Own Adventure style board game with physical and mental challenges. Make important choices, create your own story and complete challenges to avoid the dreaded peril pieces which you must add to your Tower of Peril - but be careful - if this falls it’s GAME OVER! What Next? Is completely co-operative, which means you'll have to work together and subsequently relish in the joys of shared victory, or comfort each other through your joint defeat.


@bigpotatogames we’re playing What Next? #boardgame #boardgames ♬ original sound - Big Potato


 Linkee - £25

2 Player Linkee Game

Did you know that Linkee has a two player mode that is absolutely perfect for date nights? Cosy up and quiz each other on your trivia knowledge and see if you can figure out the big link! Take turns giving each other four clues and see if you can figure out what the secret thing is that's linking them all together!


@playlinkee Think you're smart enough to solve this Linkee? Comment below what you think links these four things! #playlinkee #boardgames #familygames #partygames #weeklylinkee ♬ original sound - Linkee


P for Pizza - £12.99

A super fun fast-paced game where you gotta match the letters to the categories - can you think of something purple that starts with the letter E? Or a sandwich filling that starts with T? Think fast and say your answer before your partner! Get it right and you win a slice of delicious pizza, all you need to do is complete your pizza to win! Perfect for couples who have a competitive streak and like to challenge each other! 


@bigpotatogames here’s how to play our super speedy word game, P For Pizza! #pforpizza #wordgames #cardgames ♬ original sound - Big Potato


Blockbuster and Chill - £12.99

Another co-operative date night game! Work with your partner to figure out the mystery movies, beat the clock, and avoid late fees! Try not to crack under the pressure of the timer otherwise the game can quickly descend into chaos!



playing our 2 player movie game Blockbuster and Chill 📼 ✨

♬ original sound - Big Potato

Jigsaws - £14.99 each

Cosy up and spend some truly wholesome time together with these fun puzzles! Whether books, movies or music is your thing, you’ll have a great time working together to complete the 1000 piece jigsaws! But it’s no ordinary puzzle - it’s also packed full of 101 fun riddles waiting to be solved! A puzzle and game in one!


@bigpotatogames don’t panic! our latest puzzle game has just landed 🧩 #puzzles #puzzletok #games ♬ original sound - Big Potato


    Fog of Love - £41.99

    A fun board game about trying to navigate the complexities of a relationship. Create your own characters, fall in love, and try to make the relationship work against all the odds that are thrown at you. You can aim for harmony, or secretly be a heartbreaker - the choice is yours in this rom-com board game!


    @woosung.boardgames Fog of Love is the perfect game for date night! #datenight #gamesforcouples #boardgames #tabletopgames #gamesfortwo ♬ Forever - Labrinth


      Off Topic - £37.99

      This is like a super silly version of Scattergories that you probably wouldn’t wanna play with your grandma. Roll the dice to determine the letter your answers must start with and then get ready to think fast and race against the clock to come up with funny answers to adult prompts.


      @off_topic_games tik tok you’re gonna like this game #founditonamazon #smallbusinesscheck #offtopicgame ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

      Carcassonne - £36.99


      Nothing is more romantic than healthy competition (Right?!). Work against each other in this one and try to build the most impressive mediaeval fortress by laying different tiles and placing fields, monasteries and more.


      @theaveragedaters CARCASSONNE #boardgame #boardgames #boardgamegeek #boardgametok #foryoupage #freedateideas #couplestiktok #athomedatenight ♬ original sound - McCall Hopkins


      Codenames: Duet - £14.99

      A two-player version of the much loved Codenames. Players must work together using one-word clues to help each other identify the secret agents, while avoiding the assassins. Knowing how your partner's brain works is a BIG help in this one - see if you really know how the other thinks and give this game a go!


      @woosung.boardgames Overview of Codenames Duet! #boardgames #tabletok #tabletop #gamenight #HaventSeen ♬ Intro - The xx

      Wavelength - £29.99

      Another game all about knowing how your partner thinks! Wavelength is about guiding your partner between two contradicting answers and getting on the same - you guessed it - wavelength!




      ♬ original sound - Becs and Mel



        We're Not Really Strangers - £36.99


        Want less dice rolling and more soul searching? Fancy something a little deeper? ‘’We're not really strangers’’ is a game all about empowering and deepening connections and getting people to earnestly communicate the things we can so often avoid.


        @aileenchristineee Remind the people you love that you love them ❤️ @werenotreallystrangers #werenotreallystrangers #partner ♬ original sound - Aileenchristineee



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