• 11 Things to do when the Rain Just Keeps on Pouring (for Adults)

    11 Things to do when the Rain Just Keeps on Pouring (for Adults)
    Let’s be honest, our weather here in the UK has a reputation for being a bit unpredictable. Glorious sunshine one minute and torrential downpour the next — it’s all just part of the charm of a British summer. If you’ve found yourself running out of things to do on those days when the heavens open, never fear: Big Potato has got you covered. Check...
  • Best Solo Board Games

    Best Solo Board Games
    We all need a little ‘me’ time now and again. As brilliant as gaming with friends is, it can be just as  satisfying to take on a solo challenge. Single player games are a great way to kick back, relax and flex  the old grey matter. Just think of it as a super-healthy workout — for your brain!  So why not ‘stretch’ the imagination,...
  • Best Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults

    Best Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults
      Putting hundreds of chaotic pieces back together seems like a simple idea, but the jigsaw has been keeping us humans entertained for over 300 years. Now, with more and more adults turning to traditional pastimes to relax, jigsaw puzzles are no longer the stuff of caravan holidays and grandma’s weekly visit. Here’s some jigsaw puzzles for adults we reckon anyone with a hankering...
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